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Medmont Corneal Topographer

The Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer is the latest addition to our collection of state of the art optical diagnostic instruments. This is an imaging instrument that generates a 3-D topographical map of the patient's eye enabling our doctors to see minute corneal irregularities. This corneal topographic information has several optometric applications.

To begin with, our optometrist can use this information to design custom contact lenses for an optimal fit. This is especially useful for fitting patients with special corneal conditions (like Keratoconus).

We also use this instrument as part of our Lasik Consultation exams. This detailed map of the patient's eye allows us to better advise our patients as to whether or not they are good candidates for Lasik Surgery.

The topographer is instrumental in monitoring progress for our Orthokeralogy patients. By analyzing the corneal maps, our doctors can track the cornea reshaping progress from the Orthokeralogy procedure.