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Eye Exams

An annual comprehensive eye exam is an important component of your health care regimen. These yearly check-ups enable us to test your vision and are also important to examine the inside and back area of your eye, known as the retina. The sensitive tissue that makes up the retina is susceptible to a variety of diseases that could lead to loss of vision or in some cases blindness. The early detection of any retinal abnormality is crucial to maintaining your ocular and systemic health. It is important to understand that in most cases of eye disease, in early stages, you will experience no signs or symptoms.

Our Eye exams begin with a pre-exam workup by one of our knowledgeable staff members. The pre-exam workup consists of the following:

  • Medical/Optical history reviews
  • Depth Perception Evaluation
  • Color Vision Testing
  • Intraocular Pressure Reading/Tonometry (glaucoma screening)
  • Visual Field Screening
  • Auto Refraction

Adler Eye Associates highly recommends Optomap® and GDx VCC screening exams as part of your annual eye exam for the early detection of retinal problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal holes or detachments and diabetic retinopathy (all which can lead to partial loss of vision or blindness if undetected and untreated).

Optomap® and GDx VCC screening exams are optional procedures and are not covered by insurance providers. For more information about our Optomap® and GDx VCC screening including pricing information, please read our Optomap® and GDx VCC screening form.

We also encourage you to visit the Optos Optomap® web site. This site is intended to further educate the patient on Optomap® screening including a nice video featured on the syndicated daytime talk show "The Doctors".

Following the pre-exam workup, your doctor will perform a thorough eye health evaluation, vision analysis with refraction, and make recommendations for vision correction if needed.