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Dry Eye Management

Our natural tears help cushion and bathe the surface of the eye as well as provide antibacterial and visual care. Since symptoms of dry eye can range anywhere from burning/sandy-gritty feeling to actual eye pain it is very important to have this condition treated by an eye care professional. Unfortunately, most patients have tried over three types of artificial tears before they reach out to an eye doctor.

Treatment of dry eye involves much more than just artificial tears since these products only provide a temporary, palliative relief and may not prevent the progression of the disease. At Adler Eye Associates, Dr. Hiten Prajapati specializes in dry eye management and thinks it is very important to educate all of his patients about dry eyes and why they may have it. Doctor Prajapati has lectured about dry eyes to his colleagues and has amassed over 4 years of knowledge and management experience of dry eyes from his time working with refractive surgery (Lasik) patients. He believes the FOUNDATION of treatment for dry eyes should start with Restasis. This is the only prescription eye drop approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help treat dry eyes. Adjunctive treatment may involve omega 3 supplements such as fish oil and flax-seed oil, tear duct plugs, antibiotics, and lifestyle changes. Whether it involves successful contact lens wearing, maximizing visual comfort, or getting rid of the feeling like something is always in your eye, Dr. Prajapati is committed to diagnosing, treating, and managing signs and symptoms of dry eye disease because he knows it can effect the very livlihood of individuals on a daily basis.