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Eyeglasses Lenses

Our Optical Boutique offers the most technologically advanced lenses available on the market today. We strive for the best in vision care by using the best products.

Single vision lenses in hi-index materials and of aspheric design provide the thinnest, lightest and most attractive eyewear. Essilor progressive lenses in these same materials using new "wave-front technology" provide the least aberration and widest viewing areas at all distances for presbyopics.

iZon High-Resolution Lenses takes "wave-front technology" to a new level utilizing the Ophthonix Z-View Aberrometer to produce a microscopic map of your eye called an iPrint&trade and then using that information to create High-Resolution Lenses customized for each eye. The result is what people describe as High-Definition vision.

TD 2 coatings reduce scratchability and allow us to offer extended warranties on lenses for those who are not so gentle with their eyewear. Crizal antireflective lenses reduce reflections and glare incurred with night time driving, with computer screens and fluorescent lighting. These lenses also make the lenses appear invisible in the frames.

Adler Eye Associates is one of only about 500 optometrist in the country that carries the Essilor Varilux IPSEO progressive lenses. We are also the Chapel Hill affiliated Vision Source optometrist which allows us to carry Vision Source proprietary lenses such as TruClear HD by Essilor.

We invite you to peruse our Optical Boutique or visit our office to learn more about the services we provide and the various frames and lenses we carry including children's frames, sunglasses, and recreational eyewear.