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Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses, also known as RGP or GP contact lenses, are known for their superior vision quality. RGP lenses can be multifocal as well as single focal in order to accommodate Presbyopia (the inability or difficulty in focusing on near objects). Before multifocal RGP lenses were available, the contact wearer was forced to use different power lenses in each eye in order to accommodate the full range of focusing distances. Multi focal RGP lenses allow the contact lens wearer to focus at far, mid range (i.e. computer screens) and close distances with both eyes.

We have complete diagnostic lens fitting sets for single and MVP multifocal RGP lenses from ABBA Optical. Dr. Adler is an expert in fitting multifocal RGP lenses and travels giving lectures for ABBA Optical to other optometrists on how to fit patients with MF GP lenses. Dr. Adler has also published several articles on fitting MFGP lenses such as Putting Predictability in GP Aspheric Lenses

We also carry complete diagnostic fitting sets for a couple of specialty RGP lenses. The Paragon CRT lenses are RGP lenses that actually reshape the cornea through a procedure called Orthokeratology. The Valley Contex I Kone lens is a RGP lens designed specifically for patients with keratonconus.

For more information on RGP lenses, please visit the GPLI (Gas Permeable Lens Institute) or GLPI Consumer Link (GP Contact Lenses) web sites.