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Contacts / Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are our specialty at Adler Eye Associates. We maintain comprehensive diagnostics lens fitting sets from all major contact lens manufacturers such as ABBA Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Blanchard, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision, Essilor, Hydogel Vision, Paragon, Synergeyes, and Vistakon giving our doctors a large selection of soft, rigid, scleral, and hybrid lenses to choose from. Each of these diagnostic fitting sets contain lenses for all standard parameters (power, base curvature, etc.) allowing our doctors to choose the best lens for our patients on an individual basis.

These lenses come in either single (spherical) or multifocal designs. The multifocal design allows patients who have presbyopia (the inability or difficulty in focusing on near objects) to easily focus on both near and far objects.

Dr. Adler is an expert in fitting contact lens, especially hard to fit cases. He has been recognized by the industry as one of the best lens fitters in the nation and travels giving lectures to other optometrists on fitting contact lenses. Dr. Adler does not try to fit the same lens on all of his patients. Instead, he strives to find the best lens from his wide selection of diagnostic fitting sets that meet the individual needs of each of his patients.

Dr. Adler is often successful in fitting patients that were previously unable to be fitted before for the following reasons:

  • Dr. Adler has an extensive inventory of fitting sets from all the major contact lens manufacturers to choose from
  • Dr. Adler has over 40 years experience in fitting contact lenses and specializes in hard to fit cases
  • Dr. Adler is willing to spend whatever time is necessary in fitting a patient to achieve the maximum result
  • Dr. Adler remains passionate about his profession and strives for perfection in each fitting

Dr. Adler's motto is, "If I can't fit you, you can't be fit".