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Pucls has been by Dr. Adler's side for as long as he can remember. Featured in the book, Cats and Dogs of Chapel Hill by Beverly Dyer, Pucls is an integral part of the office. The name Pucls ia an acronym for Pick Up Contact Lenses. Pucls monitors office activities to ensure all operations are running smoothly. He can often be seen reviewing appointment schedules (as pictured) or lounging on the floor behind the front desk.

But don't let his lackadaisical demeanor fool you as he is a very resourceful and tenacious problem solver. Just the other day, a staff member brought a breakfast biscuit to work and left it in her pocketbook on the floor where he does most of his problem solving. Pucls, realizing that this was a problem since there was not enough for everyone, immediately sprung into action without hesitation and quietly devoured the tempting morsel. One has to marvel at the sheer beauty and elegance of his resolution to this problem. Not only did he diffuse what could have been an awkward situation among the staff members, his actions also resolved the laborious question that we all struggle with each and every morning: What's for Lunch?

Pucls is very well known in Chapel Hill and has many visitors on a daily basis. He is truly a joy to have on our staff and welcomes visitors without an appointment. He is always eager to make new friends, but you may not want to bring any edibles into the office.