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HIPAA Policies regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Email Policies regarding the transmission and reception of email.
Appointment Reminders Policies regarding appointment confirmations and reminders.


Adler Eye Associates complies with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules and regulations regarding the protection and privacy of patient information. Click here to view the Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Act. In short, we do not release any patient information to anyone for any reason without the patient's consent.

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We believe email is one of the most effective and least intrusive methods of communicating with our patients. Email allows us to leave non-sensitive information regarding our patients' health care (such as appointment reminders) with our patients, which they can retrieve at their convenience. Email transmissions are not encrypted and can be redirected or intercepted and, therefore, are not considered to be secure. Although interception of email is rare, we realize that this is a possibility and take reasonable precautions when using email to communicate with our patients. We are always respectful of our patients' wishes and concerns and will only use email to communicate with our patients if we have their permission to do so. If you give us your email address it is assumed that you are giving us permission to use this email address to send you appointment confirmations and reminders.

In addition to using email for appointment reminders, we also have a voluntary e-mailing list that any one can subscribe or unsubscribe to at any time to receive occasional newsletters about practice news and specials on optical services and products. This email list is purely voluntary and anyone may subscribe or unsubscribe to the mailing list at anytime.

Email Spam Protection

This is a spam free site. We use email forms rather than exposing our email address because we don't want to get spammed anymore than you do. We also use simple challenge questions on all of our email based web forms as a way of deterring Internet spiders and robots from sending spam using our forms. We use our voluntary email list to send personalized announcements concerning practice news, discounts, and specials. We do not send out canned newsletters. We only email newsletters to our subscribers if we have something that is newsworthy.

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Appointment Reminders

The HIPAA Privacy Rule permits health care providers to communicate with patients regarding their health care. This includes communicating with patients at their homes, whether through the mail, email, text message, telephone or in some other manner.

Email Appointment Reminders

Since email is not a secure transmission media, we have taken the following precautions when sending email confirmations and reminders to protect our patients' privacy:

  • We only use first names on appointment reminders to reasonably identify which family member has the appointment. No other personal information (such as mailing address, phone numbers, etc.) that could be used to identify the patient is included in the reminders.
  • Our reminders do not include the purpose of the appointment or any diagnosis related information that could be used to identify the purpose of the appointment.
  • We will only send email reminders if the patient has given us permission to do so.

Phone Appointment Reminders

If a patient prefers not to be contacted by email, we will attempt to remind the patient by phone. We use the following guidelines for phone reminders to protect our patients' privacy:

  • We only use first names to reasonably identify which family member has the appointment.
  • Voice reminders will be left on answering machines or with family members if the patient is not available.
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