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The eye is shaped like a hollow ball with three different tissue layers surrounding a central cavity. The middle layer is the uvea. The uvea is a vascular area which nourishes the eye. The choroid, ciliary body, and iris, as a whole, is referred to as the uvea and when inflammation in this section of the eye occurs, it is known as uveitis.

This condition often presents with eye pain, diffuse redness, with varying degrees of blurry vision. Uveitis is often associated with systemic disease, which means the entire body and the diseases which affect it, must be taken into consideration before making a proper diagnosis.

Uveitis is often treated with eyedrops. A cyclopleging agent will relax the ciliary muscle and decrease pain. Steroid eyedrops are used to reduce the inflammation of the uvea. Since many eye conditions may present with similar symptoms, appropriate treatment hinges upon prompt evaluation.