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Blepharitis is chronic inflammation of the eyelid margins. It sometimes involves meibomitis, or inflammation of the oil producing glands along the eyelid margins

Bacterial infection with Staphylococcus is the most common cause of this infection and may be brought on by poor hygiene, infected make-up vials, dirty sheets and pillowcases, etc.

Symptoms of Blepharitis include itchy eyelids, greasy eyelids, lashes that fall out, red eye lids, swelling of the eyelid margins, tearing, mucous that may be worse upon awakening in the morning. Certain forms of blepharitis may be caused by allergy, although they are less severe.


1. Apply a wash cloth soaked in very warm water to closed eyes for several minutes. This increases circulation and opens closed oil glands.
2. Using a diluted solution of baby shampoo scrub the eyelid margin with a Q-tip to remove any debris and also to open oil glands.
3. Rinse eyelids with clean warm water.

If you have a severe case of blepharitis warm compresses & lid scrubs may not be enough, and your optometrist may prescribe antibiotic ointment and/or oral antibiotics.